Summertime Self-Care: 5 Simple Practices 

Summertime brings longer days and sunnier skies. Whether you enjoy laying by an ocean or lake all summer, or filling your days with hiking trips, there are endless possibilities for self-care in the summer. This makes the season a wonderful time to begin your practices or to continue on with some new ideas. We compiled a list of five simple ways to practice self-care in the summer below. 


1.) Plan a trip. 


This can be as simple as orchestrating a picnic at the beach or local State Park, but make it an event! Try making that new summertime picnic recipe and invite a couple friends. When we take initiative to plan new experiences for ourselves, it builds confidence and eases anxiety around trying something new. 


2.) Try a new form of exercise. 


Many lists and articles on self-care include getting exercise. It’s a no-brainer that it improves our mood and boosts self-confidence. However, we have toacknowledge that to ‘get exercise’ is much easier said than done. The heat of the summer on top of an already busy schedule can leave little room to get out for jog. Instead, we suggest trying something new or an activity you haven’t done in a long time. Make weekly plans to hit the tennis ball with a friend or rent a paddle board at a nearby lake or river. This will liven up your exercise routine and help you forget that you’re even doing it. 


3.) Go to your local Farmer’s Market. 


Eating fresh, seasonal, local foods is a great way to nurture your body and your community. If you’re living on a budget, try bringing a small amount of cash to the market with you and simply pick one thing that looks good to you that week. This is an easy way to still practice self-care and it is no more financially detrimental than grabbing a beer with friends. 


4.) Watch the sunrise. 


While we know watching the sunrise every morning could get a little exhausting, try fitting it into a monthly or weekly schedule. Sunrise brings about a unique sense of calm that is hard to pin down, but noticeable in the moment. Perhaps find a quiet spot while you enjoy the view and try a mindfulness practice ( ((insert link to ‘Mindfulness Practice)). 


5.) Hydrate Inventively 


One aspect of self-care that simply never goes away is drinking enough liquids each day. The Mayo Clinic recommends that we all get 64 oz. of water per day. Liven up your glasses of aqua by adding fresh fruit, cucumbers, or herbs to a large pitcher and throwing it in the fridge. Larkspur Wellness Owner and Founder, Allison, blends up some watermelon with water to make a hydrating refreshment that inspires her daughter to drink more.  


However you decide to practice your self-care this summer, we hope that it’s relaxing and rejuvenating and that these ideas will be helpful as the summer continues on. 


By Abby Cole