by Abby Cole

It has been an exciting last few weeks here at Larkspur Wellness. We are THRILLED to announce Larkspur’s very first Retreat will take place in Spring 2016! This Retreat is designed for Women and Friends in their 20’s and 30's and will include everything from yoga and meditation to workshops and classes over a fun filled outdoor weekend in Bend, Oregon.

Each retreat will take place in a beautiful vacation rental, sometimes very large allowing participants to stay there, and other times smaller allowing you to stay wherever you like. The retreats will stretch over a three to four-day weekend in a group of 8-20 members. There will be informative workshops, interesting conversations and optional add on sessions.

Highlighting Bend is a very important part of the weekend. There will be many outdoor recreational activities like hiking, biking, trail running, and SUP. The coursework will be expansive with our instructors teaching everything from happiness workshops to dealing with finances and cooking for one. Many sessions will be optional leaving each participant time alone or to go out and explore Bend.

    Coursework listed below will be pared down to 3-5 Intensives, 2-4 Art + Culture sessions and a daily Outside activity.   These retreats will not exhaust you, in fact, the goal of the retreats is to educate, rejuvenate, inspire, and excite a group of awesome people. We want you to leave with new friends and renewed ambitions. On top of this, you will also leave with an AWESOME gift box featuring gifts from Larkspur and our fantastic sponsors.



  • Accessing your intuition

  • Women in friendship

  • Women in relationship

  • Find your mentors

  • The art of resistance

  • Life in the body you love

  • Smart financial decisions

  • Community involvement

  • Happiness + mindfulness

  • Goal setting and follow through

  • How to cultivate your creativity

  • How do I show up in the world

  • How to trust your abilities and decisions


  • Organic gardening

  • Make Kombucha at home

  • Essential oils for daily use

  • Learn simple neck, head, and shoulder massage

  • Herbalism 101

  • Cooking for 1

  • Ted Talk movie night

  • Succulents 101

  • Fire + fear burn


  • Trail run along the Deschutes river

  • SUP

  • Bike on Phil's Trail

  • Hike to Tumalo Falls

  • Vinyasa Yoga

  • Cruiser bikes to 3 breweries for tastings

  • Kayak the whitewater park