Practical Uses for Essential Oils in your Home


I have always associated essential oils with back massages and expensive dimly lit spas. This is precisely why I was so surprised to find that their uses span far outside the realms of facials and self-care.

Did you know that you can actually use essential oils to kill germs in your kitchen? Me either.

We compiled a list of essential oils and their various uses around the household. Best of all, they smell great and are completely natural!

Wonderful Aroma at Home

Remember that time you released your culinary inhibitions and decided to make a three course meal native to half way around the world? Regardless of what you cooked and how it turned out, chances are it left your home smelling slightly different than usual. Dispel these out of place scents by adding a drop of cinnamon or any citrus essential oil to a pot of simmering water. Before you know it your house will have the same lovely feeling and smell. This is also a great trick to use before guests come over. 


If you are part of a household that uses a dishcloth as part of it’s dishwashing assembly, soak it in some water with a few drops of lemon essential oil to sanitize and kill the existing germs. 

Clean Your Fruit

An easy way to ensure the cleanliness of your fresh fruit, as well prolong it’s shelf life is done with this simple trick. Fill a bowl with cool water and 2-6 drops of lemon essential oil and drop the fruit in. Dry off after stirring gently and now you have wonderfully clean and long lasting fruit!


I know how much we all love having mice and spiders around, but in the off chance you could do without them, use this practice to keep them away. Take a cotton ball and infuse with 3-6 drops of peppermint oil. Place the cotton ball wherever you find the pests entering and they will stay away.

Who knew that essential oils had so many practical uses in the home! Not only do they have multiple purposes, but they are also 100% natural so you don’t need to worry about introducing chemicals for cleaning!

By Abby Cole

Abby is the Blog Editor for Larkspur Wellness and is a freelance writer living and working in Bend, OR.