Brain Chemistry and Positivity: How to Re-Frame Your Reality

We often think of brain chemistry as something permanent, after all, it is a fairly serious term. Despite this common assumption, there are several ways that you can actually change your brain chemistry each and everyday, and no, these do not involve any type of surgery! All you need to do is implement more positive words into your daily vocabulary. In simple terms, hearing and using positive language can make you feel great. Conversely, the same can be said for negative language which actually blocks the brain’s natural de-stress mechanisms. We all are guilty of occasionally succumbing to negative tendencies or practices but with a little bit of focus and willpower you can easily transition into a default of positivity.  

Take note of each of these commonly used phrased and watch how these transform from passive statements to catalysts for a positive outlook in any endeavor.

1. Why not? → Sure! Sounds good

2. No problem → Absolutely! 

3. Can’t complain → Good, thanks!

4. I’m wiped → I need some rest

5. Oh, I forgot → I’ll set a reminder

6. Constructive criticism → Feedback and opportunities

7. Don’t drop it → Hold it tight (Allison’s grandfather taught her this one as a kid)

8. Don’t … → I like it when… 

9. I missed you so much! → It’s so great to see you! 

10. No! → I know you like candy,, but eating too much isn’t healthy. 

By Abby Cole

Abby is the Blog Editor for Larkspur Wellness and is a freelance writer living and working in Bend, OR.