Mantras for Balance

Mantras are to be repeated as a kind of meditation and let me tell you, when the going gets tough, I MUST remind myself of these to recenter and refocus.

Mantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning a "sacred message or counsel." I'm referring to these as mantras since I find myself focusing on and repeating them in order to find my personal balance and power.


1.  You define your own life. Don't let other people write your script.


2.  Whatever someone did to you in the past has no power over the present. Only you give it power. 


3.  When people show you who they are, believe them the first time. (Maya Angelou)


4.  Worrying is wasted time. Use the same energy for doing something about whatever worries you.


5.  What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe so make it clean and make it positive.


6.  The greatest healer in times of grief and anger is “thank you”, that will be enough.


7.  The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.  For real.


8.  Failure is a signpost to turn you in another direction. Avoid being hard on yourself, be grateful that you noticed it and start moving.


9.  If you make a choice that goes against what everyone else thinks, the world will not fall apart.


10. Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn't lie. If someone is telling you your gut is wrong only to protect themselves, soldier on!


11. Love yourself and then learn to extend that love to others in every encounter.


12. Let passion drive your profession. Get paid for doing what you love. Then every paycheck will simply be a bonus.


13.  Love doesn't hurt. It's nothing but good. Other things cause pain, love heals them.


14.   Every day brings a chance to start over.  Be in the now and pay attention.  There are amazing opportunities all around you.


15.   Doubt means don't. Don't move. Don't answer. Don't rush forward.  Be still and listen.  There’s an answer there in the quiet.


By Allison Barnard ACC, CPC

Allison Barnard is a Certified Wellness Coach ( ICF), Interior Design Consultant, and owner of Larkspur Wellness.  She offers women's retreats, virtual interior design sessions, contract and contract-free coaching sessions, and online courses.  She regularly contributes to Larkspur's blog and resides in Bend, OR.  If you're interested in a session with Allison, visit: