You Define Your Own Life. Period.

by Allison Barnard


In one of my favorite books, The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav writes "When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning... When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment."

I've had this feeling before in my life; when I know for sure that I've chosen the best course and am doing exactly what is the most authentic.  Sometimes it's a wild "coincidence" or watching things fall into place a little too easily.  Other times it's a feeling but it's deep, deep in my gut.  When my life is on course with my chosen purpose, I am my most powerful. It's crazy how quickly things just.... happen.

Those who have known me the longest can tell you that when I'm in this space, ideas manifest quickly and the "guess what happened to ME today?!" stories fly.  I may stumble, and I have a million times, but I don't fall.  The Universe is in my corner.

What matters during those times is that I am very, and I mean VERY careful to never allow anyone else to define for me the value of my goals, intentions, or most important, my sense of self.  I am extremely enthusiastic when I am in the throws of courageous and impactful creativity, which is a huge ingredient in manifesting.  Avoiding naysayers and surrounding myself with those who believe in me and honor my process; that's what holds me up for the duration.  'cuz you'd better bet fear and "I'm not worth this" can come up.  It came up just today as I was working on developing an idea for my business. But I am worth it.  We all are worth each and every dream and idea we have.

No one but you can define your life or your worthiness. So believe and keep walking right toward your deepest and most purposeful self. You've got the goods- your thoughts, emotions, and actions will take you right toward your real power as long as you are in alignment with your highest self- the part of you that knows what's best for you vs what's gonna hurt. The part of your spirit that fearlessly tells you that you can do it and says "Oh, hell yeah!"

In every challenging experience there's an opportunity to grow, enhance your life, or learn something invaluable about yourself. Every challenge can make you stronger if you allow it.  Believe in who you know you are, especially when others don't.  Because YOU are the one to manifest your dreams and rock this life!

Run. Don't walk. 

By Allison Barnard ACC, CPC

Allison Barnard is a Certified Wellness Coach ( ICF), Interior Design Consultant, and owner of Larkspur Wellness.  She offers women's retreats, virtual interior design sessions, contract and contract-free coaching sessions, and online courses.  She regularly contributes to Larkspur's blog and resides in Bend, OR.  If you're interested in a session with Allison, visit: