Retreats, Sleepaway Camps, Weekend Workshops! Oh, My!

            The wellness movement currently taking place within much of the millennial generation and those far beyond it is hard to ignore. Adult sleepaway camps and weekend retreats full of soulful workshops and adventure are captivating enormous populations across the world. The beautiful thing about the appeal of these retreats and adult summer camps is that there is no one-cookie cutter participant; someone might attend for one thousand reasons, or none at all. Within the retreat world, a specified genre has emerged as even more popular, women’s retreats. Soul Camp, Camp No Counselors, and Camp Throwback all do super cool adult camp experiences. And then there's Wanderlust and far too many yoga festivals to mention.  Women across the world have been seeking a weekend away with their friends to explore new places, get outside, and enjoy the sunshine. Women’s retreats facilitate self-exploration, and foster room for new personal growth. What if you could grab all your girlfriends and get away for a weekend just like this in Bend, Oregon?

            The Larkspur Wellness Women’s Retreat was created upon all of these ideals. It is equipped with workshops catered to the needs of the modern woman, no longer should you equate all retreats to a three-day intensive meditation session. Larkspur holds laughter, outdoor activities, and connection at the center of its retreat. We created it to be held over a three day weekend period. With organic catered meals and snacks, bonfires, games, and activities, it aims to emulate all of your all coveted summer camp memories as a child. However, you’ve grown and so has your summer camp. The workshops offered at Larkspur’s Women’s retreat are built to foster personal growth and create the opportunity for real change in your life where you seek it.  On top of this, each attendee will share the bond of the experience of a lifetime with all the women that participated.

The Larkspur Women’s Wellness Retreat is held in Bend, Oregon.  A community built on an outdoor culture and home to 300 days of sunshine each year. Bend is an adventure playground nestled due East of the Cascade mountain range, which is speckled with 14 lakes for good measure. The population of Bend can typically be found brewing excellent coffee and beer when they aren’t out skiing, paddle boarding, SUP, biking, hiking, or enjoying live music among many, other things. This is the mountain town that has it all. Between the lively downtown and the peace and solitude of towering mountains within a half an hour drive, it’s difficult to get sick of.

 What are you waiting for? 

By Abby Cole

Abby is the Blog Editor for Larkspur Wellness and is a freelance writer living and working in Bend, OR.