Is your home organized? Here's help.

If you are looking to create a more organized, clean, orderly house- look no further!


Having a home that feels good is a catalyst for so many things.  It effects your mood, creativity and a lot more. In turn, your mental approach to you home can result in an awesome space, one that feels welcoming and balanced.


My coaching clients are constantly saying the following:

  1. I feel stuck.  Not depressed, just stuck.  
  2. I have no coping skills for this stress.  
  3. Things feel chaotic. 
  4. I have zero motivation and it's annoying the crap out of me. Ideas?

And I am always asking them these questions first:  

  1. How's your space at home?  
  2. Do you need to get rid of some things?
  3. When you open a drawer, what's it look like? 
  4. Do you like the decor?
  5. Do you keep up with your dishes?

This might seem like no brainer stuff but at times, these things can get away from us and before we know it, we're feeling lethargic, stuck or just bummed out.  Those feeling can literally stop you in your tracks. 

Getting your home feeling good is a HUGE first step in making serious strides in your life. It can propel you into the energy you need to get important goals accomplished.  Every time I encourage my clients to get their house in good running order, their coaching work skyrockets.

Over time I realized that instead of my clients just paying for sessions and getting feedback on how to get their space together, I should also offer them this course so they might get through a bunch of the steps themselves before I came in and helped to bring the whole puzzle together.

My clients liked it so much that I added even more content, made the course public and offered it for a lot less money. 

If you're on this blog it's likely that you were looking for a coach, design ideas, or were already aware that you needed to focus on your space a bit.  Hopefully this turns out to be the exact thing you were needing. 

So, here you go!  Below is the course info.  I hope you get a ton of gratification out of it and enjoy your clean, organized and modern feeling home.

Good luck!


By Allison Barnard ACC, CPC

Allison Barnard is a Certified Wellness Coach ( ICF), Interior Design Consultant, and owner of Larkspur Wellness.  She offers women's retreats, virtual interior design sessions, contract and contract-free coaching sessions, and online courses.  She regularly contributes to Larkspur's blog and resides in Bend, OR.