Women's Wellness Retreat Giveaway!

August 5-8, 2016


With each New Year it seems our desires to better ourselves are renewed. We all want to cultivate a meaningful life, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine which tools to employ and whether they are even at your disposal. Along with the desire for a fresh start, it is difficult to not feel as though your aspirations are forced or inauthentic in a society so stuck on the idea of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and at what point they become obsolete. Well, we are here to tell you: they’re not inauthentic, they’re not forced; they are REAL, and 2016 is the time to get real about yourself and your passions.  

What if you had the opportunity to develop a set of skills that would help you cultivate happiness, decide what balance means in your life, and learn how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your daily routine? We want to give one special woman the opportunity to attend the Larkspur Wellness Women’s Retreat in Bend, Oregon free of charge! The entire weekend experience will not only be filled with invaluable information, but is worth $593!


What do I need to do to enter?


What we are asking each applicant to do in order to be eligible for the giveaway is a three-step process.


1. Like our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page and share the post that brought you to this page (on FB or Twitter, on Instagram just skip it)

2. Fill out the application form below


What does the application entail?


In your application we will be asking you to answer questions surrounding why you would like to attend the retreat. We want to know how you feel this unique experience will benefit you most.

 We want to help open up the world of wellness to all groups of people no matter what your background is. We all deserve the chance to foster a sense of empowerment in our daily lives and we see this giveaway as a way to reach an even larger group of people.


How will we choose the winner?


We will first narrow down the pool of applicants to our top twenty. At this point we will select a winner randomly in a drawing. We will announce the names of the top twenty applicants over social media, and notify everyone of the drawing date. The winner of the drawing will have three days to claim and confirm their retreat pass. If a winner cannot attend for unforeseen reasons we will draw another winner from the top twenty.


Why should I enter?


The retreat is not only going to be a weekend of personal growth promoting intensive courses, but it will be filled with creative courses like organic gardening, and calming hatha yoga among many other activities. There will be laughter and deliciously organic food all set in the refreshing mountain town of Bend, Oregon. What’s not to love?


For more information on the retreat, visit www.larkspurwellness.com/retreats or feel free to contact us via email with any questions regarding the giveaway process.


We look forward to reading your applications, and best of luck!