Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression

by Abby Cole

Many of us understand essential oils as nice smelling bathroom scents, or calming agents misting into the air at a spa. While these are great uses of essential oils, they offer far more beneficial uses, especially relating to personal, and mental health.


With this being said, severe cases of anxiety and depression should not be solely treated with aromatherapy. We urge anyone experiencing feelings like this to speak with their doctor as well. However, there are many essential oils that when used properly, can lessen the strength of these negative feelings.


1.     Lavender Essential Oil: We’ll start small, lavender has been long since known for it’s calming qualities, but did you know it also aids anxiety, nervousness, depression, insomnia, and hypertension? This super powered essential oil is a great place to start, as it is mild, pleasant, and effective.


2.     Geranium Essential Oil: Another beautiful flowery essential oil. Geranium has naturally sedative qualities and works as a vehicle to release negative emotions, which is an essential when dealing with depression or anxiety.


3.     Basil Essential Oil: This is a scent that is perhaps not as widely appreciated. However, basil essential oil is most noted for combatting fatigue and anxiety, which then grants one more energy to task them with undertaking their emotions head on with a renewed sense of determination.


How to Use Essential Oils:


There are a couple ways you can easily use essential oils. A diffuser works well by placing in a few drops and letting them mist into a comfortable space around you, but perhaps the easier and quick way is through inhalation. Simply rub a couple drops of your preferred essential oil into your palms, form a cup with your hands around your nose, and breathe deeply in 3-4 times.


This topical introduction to the use of essential oils for anxiety and depression is a great place to start if you are just beginning your use. You will find there are many oils to explore and their benefits may prove to be far more lasting than you ever thought.