Bend. Oregon. Yes, Please.

By Abby Cole

Something that immediately stands out about the city of Bend is the overwhelmingly active population that it attracts. Bend’s geographical position lends itself to an enormous amount of outdoor activities to suit any person’s preference. Whether it’s the daredevils slack lining hundreds of feet above the ground from ledge to ledge at Smith Rock, or the teams of leisurely floating tubers going down the Deschutes in the summer, this town truly has it all. 25 minutes from Mt. Bachelor, and just a stones throw further to the cascade lakes, Bend is the ultimate adult playground. Fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, you name it, people in Bend are doing it. In a town where you could ski in the morning, hit Phil’s Trail to mountain bike in the afternoon, and wash it down at one of the 16 local breweries in Bend, what’s not to love?

As an East Coast transplant myself, moving to Bend has been a whirlwind experience. The people in Bend are extremely friendly and it seems as though their outdoor lifestyle has transformed into a wonderfully positive and enthusiastic demeanor about all things in life, just don’t mention traffic issues. Just kidding, they will usually laugh that off in some way or another as well.

Between the wonderfully positive community and the inviting recreational activities, Bend is an incredibly inspiring place to be. Just think of what could happen if someone held a women’s retreat here focused on personal growth, self-exploration, and skill building! Oh, wait… 

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