Wellness Apps: Pros & Cons

by Abby Cole

Our world functions in a hugely digital way. It would be impossible to discount the vast benefits that apps and mobile devices have provided us. Mobile banking for instance, I can transfer money while in line at the grocery store, and pay my rent over the app Venmo. Social media platforms thrive on our mobile devices. So much that sometimes we all can accidentally find ourselves glancing down at our phones to see the latest Instagram. It is easy to forget that there are real live people around us. This is painfully evident when you, for some reason or another, are the only one not on your phone on such an occasion. While this realization is nothing new to most of us, it seems excruciatingly challenging to combat this.

            While social media apps certainly take the cake for distraction, it is interesting to think about how Wellness based apps also play into this interference. At Larkspur Wellness, we are very interested in examining how much good in comparison to the possibility of furthering one’s disconnection with the outside world these apps could potentially do. Of course, they are aimed at guiding a person to be the best they can possibly be. By their nature, they are not hindering as much as they are helping when we look at the big picture of a world where reality can sometimes be extremely screen based.

            Despite the fact that wellness apps offer more than just a mindless distraction based in the lives of others, it is still important to consider that they may prevent you from being fully present. For most of us, this is when it is easiest to connect with the people around you and when we put down our mobile devices and social media platforms, we are more able to relate in a wholesome way with our surroundings, thus, cultivating wellness.