30 Random Acts of Kindness That Don’t Cost Anything 

We can probably all remember at least one time a total stranger did something kind for us. Most times, this elicits a response in ourselves to want to be able to pass along that warm feeling to someone else. A great way to make someones day with little impact on your own is by performing a random act of kindness. However, many examples include dipping into your own wallet. We’ve compiled a list of random acts of kindness that you can do without spending a penny. 



1. Hold the door for a stranger.

2. Pick up litter when you see it. 

3. Return a marooned shopping cart. 

4. Volunteer at a local charity. 

5. Bake cookies for the Ronald McDonald House.

6. Donate blood. 

7. Organize a can drive at your work to donate to the food shelf. 

8. Send a gratitude card to a friend or family member. 

9. Give a compliment. 

10. Smile at strangers!

11. Volunteer or visit a local nursing home. 

12. Donate your old clothes to charity. 

13. Cut out coupons that you won’t use and stick them on the appropriate items at the store. 

14. Play Free Rice for a couple minutes a day. (Yes, this still exists!) 

15. Leave an anonymous positive note on the bathroom mirror. 

16. Share overheard compliments. 

17. Let people merge during traffic. 

18. Help an elderly person cross the street. 

19. Wash your roommate’s or co-worker’s dishes for them. 

20. Offer to take pictures for tourists. 

21. Talk to someone new at a gathering or event. 

22. Give your partner a massage. 

23. Say ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Thank you’ to public service workers. 

24. Volunteer at an animal shelter during an adoption day. 

25. Offer to pet-sit for your friend for free. 

26. Donate books to the local library. 

27. Offer someone a piece of gum. 

28. Hold the elevator door for others. 

29. Let someone with less items go before you in line at the grocery store. 

30. Sit with someone who is eating alone. 


By Abby Cole