4 Simple Things to do When You Feel Stuck 


At some point, we have all felt our lives grow stagnant in one area or another. At first, it’s hard to acknowledge this new awareness because admitting that we are feeling unfulfilled or that something isn’t working as well as it could is difficult in and of itself. However, what we often forget about these moments is that they can be powerful catalysts for positive change in our lives. Once you come to terms with the part of your life that is feeling idle, you have the opportunity to mold it into whatever you want. While this time can be overwhelming, we have compiled a list of 4 simple things that can help put you at ease while you work into a new stage of your life. 


Clean up your diet.

This tip is simple. When we’re feeling out of control in one part of our lives, our bodies can either help or hinder our efforts to regain balance and find our center. By feeding yourself consciously and choosing healthy options, you are giving yourself a little head start on tackling the issues in other areas of your life. 


Begin a new wellness practice. 

Feeling stuck is often synonymous with having trouble finding clarity in a certain area of our lives. Whether you start a gratitude journal, pick up jogging, or begin meditating, do something that will feed your soul. All of these activities will give you the time you need with yourself to sort of the feelings you’ve discovered. 


Plan a weekend getaway. 

We can all easily let our thoughts and emotions build up and overwhelm us. Sometimes all you need to do is remove yourself from your bubble and get away for a weekend. While away, remind yourself of the big, awesome world that exists outside of the sphere of your daily life. Return home with new inspiration and and a refreshed outlook on the big picture. 


Manifest the changes you want to make. 

The word ‘manifest’ can be sometimes confused with simply making a wish. However, when you manifest something, you are using intention. Tell people about what you’d like to be doing, talk about your goals in your daily life. It is amazing the connections that people may have for you when you simply bring up your ideal situation. Write down your goals and where you want to be personally or professionally, or both to legitimize them. These things will bring you closer to place you want to be. 


As always, there is no quick fix for any situation in life. Be sure to also utilize your close friends and family during a time of transition to provide yourself with important support. 


 By Abby Cole