Design Consult!

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  1. We look at your space via video call. Tell me if you want remodeling feedback or decorating ideas.
  2. You tell me your budget. $20? $20,000?  Ok!
  3. We make a gameplan and I give you a list of what to buy or if you're remodeling, I send you a 3D floor plan.


  1. If you chose to have me help decorate your space, we lay out your purchases.
  2. I tell you where to place each item and piece of furniture.
  3. By the time we are done with the session your room is complete!


You can create your perfect space.  I'm here to help you make it happen quickly and for as little money as possible.

$90 per session


I am happy to suggest everything from furniture placement, wall colors and lighting, to exactly where a plant should go. 

3D design work is an extra $90.

That's it!  Your space is inviting, organized, and leaves you feel calm and happy. 

All sessions are via a scheduled FaceTime or Google video call.