Personal Session

If your goals are personal and not specifically professional, a wellness session is right up your alley.


  • Choose between coaching and consulting after learning the diferences.
  • Experience a number of optional tools including meditation, boundary setting, self assessments, happiness coursework, and more.
  • Discuss your values, strengths, and life purpose in order to align your choices with who you are and what you want. From here we will set up meaningful goals.
  • Identify any limiting beliefs and doubts that are holding you back and move through these limitations.
  • Learn and practice self-awareness so you can identify when you’re resisting doing the work of coaching and move through it.
  • Set authentic long-term goals and use your regained confidence to create the changes you want.

Career + Small Business Sessions

Through pragmatic and creative solutions, Allison offers clients and small business owners the following assistance:


Career Assessments


Website Design

Hiring and Interviewing

Creative Problem Solving

Legal Business Set Up




  • Bring to the table who you are. You are comprised of your values, innate strengths, personality type, passions and purpose. These are the key parts of who you are. We can use these to illuminate your path to an amazing career.
  • Determine what your best skills, abilities, and resources are to best leverage them and make a better living.
  • Experience a number of optional tools including meditation, boundary setting, self assessments, happiness coursework, and more.
  • If transitioning, identify specific careers that are a good fit for you through assessments and other exploration methods, should you need them.
  • Overcome the inevitable doubts and fears associated with developing your career and reconnect with your confidence.
  • Create a transition plan to move you forward on your new career path.


Company Sessions

“Allison does something rare in company coaching. She works equally to enhance both the employees job performance and their overall happiness outside of work. Her methods so supported their home life that they were void of distractions and could achieve their workplace goals at a rate I had never seen. ”

— Donovan M. - Founder & Operations Director




Use only what you need!

  • Begin with a complimentary 30 minute call to see if Allison is a good fit for you and your team.
  • Allison learns the needs of your business and how you'd like to form a stronger relationship with your staff.
  • Offer your team company paid sessions where they can schedule a call during work hours. 
  • Allison then meets with employees via scheduled sessions or on-call hours to determine what is wanted most and the least from their bosses and work environment. 
  • Allison provides feedback, structure, and easy to follow systems for your team to try resulting in better communication, efficiencies, and workplace culture.
  • You have the option to learn the needs of your employees by giving them the opportunity to share what they need from managers and owners, confidentially. 
  • Support staff in working effectively amongst peers and supervisors.
  • Support staff transitions and create a better workplace environment for your people.
  • Identify you and your staffs best skills, abilities, & resources to better leverage them.
  • Learn the tools of mindfulness.
  • Develop a work-life balance culture that offers peace of mind.