Allison Barnard CPC, ACC

Founder + Coach

Allison's vast offerings are born from boundless creativity, a natural business savvy, and a keen awareness of what customers and clients want. Her ability to listen carefully and formulate successful systems and practices, both in one's business and personal life, have proven to be invaluable to her many past and current clients.

  • Terra Frma - CEO + Founder
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) - Associate Certified Coach
  • Baraka Institute (CTW) - Certified Personal Coach 
  • UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center -Member 
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) -Member
  • Institute of Coaching - Member
  • Oregon State University - Cascades - Community Integration Advisor
  • Over 19 years of professional experience, having held positions as HR Operations Manager, Small Business Owner, Retail Manager, Campaign Advisor, Marketing Director & Workshop Facilitator
  • Clients Include - Physician, CEO, COO, Tech Engineers, Real Estate Agents, Small Business Owners, Recent Masters Graduates, Therapist, Retail Manager, Published Author, Staff of Employees for Fortune 500 Company.  

About Allison

My dear friends and teachers, Lisa, Mary, Stacie, David, Terry, Danielle, Mariane, Duncan- thank you.

After years of running my small business, in 2007 I used all I'd learned personally and professionally and began coaching.  I spoke with clients in New Orleans, Manhattan, Austin, San Francisco, you name it. I loved listening to their amazing stories, struggles, and dreams.  In turn, these people and their profound, unique lives, enlightened me and humbled me to no end.

I took a break to pursue leadership positions as a Retail Manager and HR Operations Manager.   Soon after starting a family with my husband, and with years of additional training, certifications and knowledge under my belt, it was time to get back in my lane and return to my coaching practice, now Larkspur Wellness.

In 2001 everything changed.  I realized I wasn't fulfilled and quickly needed to make some changes in my life.  I sold most everything I had and moved to the city. Immediately I met some wonderful people who taught me the value of believing in my potential and learning to understand what I had to offer, not only others but myself.

Immersed in workshops and retreat work, I grew in self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and authenticity. I attended every speaking engagement I could find where I could learn from the best teachers in the world. I was in my early 20's, reveling in learning, music, practicing yoga, traveling, and cultivating friendships that led me to more knowledge and fulfillment than I ever imagined possible.


Office Manager + Blog Editor

Abby comes to us from Vermont with a degree in English Lit and is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet.  

She contributes to and edits our blog, assists with retreat, eCourse, and retail development and is Allison's right hand girl.  A constant source of laughter, she's also a crazy fast typer and brings a fierce focus to the office.  

Abby loves skiing, backpacking, and volunteering. Because she's awesome.

(Not written by Abby)

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Social Media Manager + Blog Assistant

Likes: Food

Dislikes: Grumpy people at dinner

Anne is a successful massage therapist practicing here in Bend.  She's a fantastic mother, and enjoys crafting up awesome projects on her sewing machine as well as spending time loving up the outdoors.

Anne maintains all of Larkspur's social media platforms and contributes to marketing and blogging planning. 

She doesn't enjoy being sent videos of adorable things that make her cry in public places.  So, don't do that.

(Written by Allison)


In-house Graphic Designer


Chloe has a degree in fine art and is passionate about creativity and design. We are so thrilled to have her!

She contributes to Larkspur's social media imagery, website design, and all things visual. 

Chloe is a practicing illustrator & artist, and spends her free time experimenting in the kitchen, commuting on her electric bike, and getting out in nature.

About Larkspur

Larkspur's name comes from the flowers that grow throughout Allison's garden. 

Larkspur Wellness was founded to offer wellness coaching, women's retreats, and mindfulness training but later began offering business consulting after Allison found many of her clients needed help starting up or managing their businesses.  

Design consulting was born of Allison's passion for design and her work creating calmer and more inviting spaces in her clients homes and businesses, allowing them to do their best work within her coaching and consulting programs.