What Is Coaching

While every coach is a little different, Allison works to blend traditionally taught ICF techniques and consulting methods. An obsessive analytic, she's often inclined to allow her gut to lead sessions. Her proficiencies as a coach lie in her ability to gather accurate, detailed information and ask insightful, clear questions that help to reveal the client's unused inner resources resulting in an appropriate, actionable implementation plan.   



Decide what you would like to accomplish. Personal and/or professional.

Determine which skills and abilities come easily to you and begin to use them positively and effectively.

Be guided with questions designed to push your thinking outside of normal parameters. These questions will broaden your potential dramatically

Create action plans to encourage and realize forward movement.

Receive documents that track your work to allow you to stay inspired and motivated.

Examine what is going well and what isn’t, and adjust the process to your needs.

 Reframe negative beliefs to move quickly past blocks and progress directly to the set goal.

Cultivate a non-judgmental relationship. Understand that goals that aren’t easily met are actually not failures, but, instead, valuable insights and information to feed back into the process.

Determine when our work together is finished, to prepare you to continue independently, using all that you have learned.



Coaching isn’t advice or therapy. A good coach offers deep, intuitive, open ended questions that help the client come to answers and realizations on their own, to create sustainable change.

Coaching holds you accountable to your commitment to yourself, to the action items that resonate with the best version of you.

Therapy deals with healing pain, dysfunction and conflict within an individual or a relationship. The focus is often on resolving difficulties from the past that hamper an individual’s emotional state in the present, improve overall psychological functioning, and help the client cope with present life and work circumstances in emotionally healthy ways.

Therapy outcomes often include improved being. This is a natural outcome of coaching,  but the primary focus is on mindful, simple strategies to achieve specific goals in one’s professional or personal life.

The emphasis in our coaching relationship is on action, accountability and follow through.  If we determine therapy to be a better fit, we will finish our work together so you may move forward with a therapist.